Saturday, April 9, 2011

Photography Tips #1

Photo Tip #1

Why Photography? Of all media available photography is the only one that can instantly capture the moment. Video and movies are only differant versions of photography.  From the first photo ever taken to the presant it is still the same, the captureing of the moment. The form of how that takes place has changed over time. From wet plate to  B&W sheet film to color slide and print film. From 4x5,8x10, 11x14 and larger view cameras to 35mm rangefinder to 35mm SLR cameras. To the presant families of digital cameras. All with one goal, capture the moment. Many examples of this are in two great publications, National Geographic and Life magazine.
The heart, soul, and mind of a photographer is to capture THAT moment in time and then share it with others as he sees it. That should be the goal of any photographer. Because that moment will NEVER happen again. Also sometimes it is a one time ONLY event that happens and that is recording history.
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